How to Survive an Eye Examination

Join Dr. Debbie Hettler on an ocular journey! Debbie is an eye doctor who is excited to explain the specifics of (1) why certain testing is done during an eye examination, (2) what those tests mean as well, as well as (3) how to best prepare for an eye exam as a patient. What questions should you ask, what should you bring with you, how should you prepare and what should you expect during a good examination? What is it that the doctor is seeing when they shine all those annoying bright lights into your eyes?  Why are they asking those stupid questions? Why should you bother going through all of this and how often?  Which symptoms merit more frequent exams?

Dr. Debbie Hettler holds a B.S and O.D from The Ohio State University College of Optometry and an MPH from University of Illinois. Her professional professional practice experience includes optometric education, clinical practice in HMO’s, and the VA as well as quality assurance activities. She has also worked in Washington DC as the Clinical Director, Associated Health Education in the Office of Academic Affiliations with rotations through the IRS and as a Presidential Management Council Cohort member.   She is currently a Clinical Optometrist for the VA in Daytona Beach Florida. She has over 100 scientific presentations including such topics as clinical techniques, ocular disease, public health issues, contact lenses, and managed care, and authored articles published concerning public health primary care  coordination and ocular disease topics. 

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