We’re looking forward to Metropolitan Washington Mensa’s 2022 regional gathering!  We’re holding it at the Reston Sheraton from August 12th through 14th, and rooms are available for booking if you’d like to stay the night (we recommend it… check the hotel link in the menu).  Our theme this year is Brave New World… exploring themed programming, hospitality and games connecting us to our ever-evolving world!

We have some fantastic speakers from the Washington DC region, as well as Mensa speakers with broad expertise.

Haven’t been to an RG before? A Regional Gathering (RG) is a weekend-long event (usually Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) held by one or more local groups of Mensa where a large group (Pandemic often gets 300+ as one of the largest RGs) of Mensans and their guests descend for a great time. Throughout the weekend, there are talks and presentations given on all manner of topics (from trivial to political, spiritual to current events, and everything in between), tournaments, loads of games available for playing in our well-stocked games room, and a 24/7 Hospitality Suite.

Our RG features:

  • Phenomenal themed programming featuring premier speakers from the area
  • A full-time games room with a complete and updated collection (including MindGames winners)
  • Meet and greets (Gen X/Y/Z) so that you can meet new friends and old friends!
  • Hospitality with great snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner options
  • Wine and scotch tastings by our resident (and non-resident) experts