Games Room Updates

We have a few Games Room updates for you!

  • Our Inventory! Check out our searchable games room inventory, including many 2022 Mind Games winners. Come join us in the Spruce and Oak rooms all weekend long!
  • Are you interested in trying a long or complex game but want somebody with experience to walk you through it? Willing to teach a game to new players? Interested in setting up sessions for a game in your own (or the chapter’s) collection? Just let us know, and we’ll put something on the schedule.
  • Discord! Your friendly neighborhood game room chair has set up a Discord channel for us to use for these (or other similar) purposes during the MWM RG. Contact Andrew Siddons for an invite link. Any experience levels welcome!
  • Special program: From 1:30 – 2:30 on Saturday, we’re going to be play testing a new game called Monomyth with Jai Simone! Monomyth is a strategic 1-vs-many game where heroes must venture through a dungeon in order to defeat a villainous calamity. The playable villain will stop at nothing and must balance strengthening themselves and trying to kill those pesky do-gooders. 2-5 players. 45-90 minutes.

Volunteering is live!

Instead of raffling off next year’s RG registration for this year’s RG volunteers, we’re doing something new. Every 4 hours of volunteer work at this year’s RG (or just 2 hours of helping Monica with Hospitality in the early morning on Saturday and Sunday – 6am-8am or 8am-10am) nets you $25 in reimbursement on your 2022 registration. And it’s stackable, so 8 hours gets you $50 off! 

This requires a bit more attention than our usual setup, so this offer is only eligible for people who sign up for official volunteer shifts on this grid (or in person). Our shift leads (i.e., Andy for the Games Room, Monica for Hospitality, Melissa for Registration, Justin for Speaker Shepherds) will have to initial and confirm each volunteer’s shift hours in order for the volunteer work to qualify for the reimbursement. 

Click here to volunteer!

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t pitch in if a volunteer shift is taken. We need all of the help we can get 🙂 We’ll be adding any ad-hoc volunteers to a raffle for the remainder of the RG’s booze during our closing session.