The Wonderful World of Pun Competitions – A Modest Travelogue

Appearing fresh from the AG! 🙂 Like many Mensans, you probably love a good pun, but did you know that punning is actually a competitive sport played around the world? This Mensan didn’t either, but once he learned about it he jumped in with both feet. Join him to see and hear some of his live and virtual performances — some successful, some, well, not so much — at competitions such as the DC Improv’s Pun DMV, the UK PunOff, Capitol PUNishment, the hip and popular PUNDERDOME® in NYC (where he proudly became a “‘Domer” under the punonym “Punning Amok”), and, of course, the legendary O. Henry PunOff, an annual event in its 45th year. He’ll also challenge the audience with original pun puzzles, and discuss books, games and other fun pun stuff too. Yes, there is a world where puns are considered an art form, and inspire respect, not derision. Join us there.

Gregg Siegel has participated in more than 30 pun competitions and shows over the past two and a half years. He is a freelance copywriter, a short humor writer for several publications on Medium, and former freelance jokewriter for several late night shows and comedians.

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