Games Room Updates

We have a few Games Room updates for you!

  • Our Inventory! Check out our searchable games room inventory, including many 2022 Mind Games winners. Come join us in the Spruce and Oak rooms all weekend long!
  • Are you interested in trying a long or complex game but want somebody with experience to walk you through it? Willing to teach a game to new players? Interested in setting up sessions for a game in your own (or the chapter’s) collection? Just let us know, and we’ll put something on the schedule.
  • Discord! Your friendly neighborhood game room chair has set up a Discord channel for us to use for these (or other similar) purposes during the MWM RG. Contact Andrew Siddons for an invite link. Any experience levels welcome!
  • Special program: From 1:30 – 2:30 on Saturday, we’re going to be play testing a new game called Monomyth with Jai Simone! Monomyth is a strategic 1-vs-many game where heroes must venture through a dungeon in order to defeat a villainous calamity. The playable villain will stop at nothing and must balance strengthening themselves and trying to kill those pesky do-gooders. 2-5 players. 45-90 minutes.

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