Drink Like a …Viking!

You may have heard of mead, an alcoholic beverage served in the mead-halls prominently mentioned in Beowulf and other fantasy literature.  Maybe you’ve even sampled some, probably at a Renfair or
the SCA (https://sca.org/).  But what do you really know about it?  Do you know what’s in it?  (Probably the basics… but there’s a lot more to it.)  How it was first invented?  (No you don’t!)  Who invented it,
where, and when?  (Trick question!)  How to make it yourself?  (Easier than you probably think!)  Where we can get some nowadays?  (Again, easier than you probably think!)  And was what you sampled, really
mead?  (Quite possibly not!)  Come to this talk to learn the answers to these questions and many more.  But sorry, no, even though I will have some for you to see, possibly including a batch in progress, I’m
not giving out samples at the talk.  (Blame the lawmakers.)

Dave is a longtime active Mensan, having joined MWM in 1988, served for many years as Webmaster, and done a stint as Publications Officer and Cap-M Editor.  He is a semi-retired software development consultant, which means not only does he sling code, he also gives advice about it, and nowadays mostly speaks at software conferences, as the T. Rex of Codosaurus (https://www.Codosaur.us/), his one-person
consultancy (which explains how he can get such a cool job title).  He first heard of mead (as far as he can recall) by reading Beowulf in high school, sampled some in the SCA, made a couple batches from kits
long before COVID, and explored it further as his “pandemic hobby”. Now he hopes to turn into a “side hustle” as King Bee of Sum-of-a-Batch Mead School (https://www.SumOfABatch.com/).

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