Hard at Work: Life in the Red Light District of Tijuana

Hard at Work: Life in the Redlight District of Tijuana is an ongoing photo project by Lily J. Noonan that started in 2015. This popular and updated presentation discusses (and shows!) all the elements that are part of this wild, beautiful, disturbing, and fascinating place. Due to the graphic photos and Lily’s ample use of generally inappropriate terms, this presentation is for 18+ only.

Lily J. Noonan is a photographer based on the Eastern seaboard of the US and in Tijuana, Mexico. Lily’s primary motivation in shooting is to be able to look longer at faces and places on the fringes of society. Using wide angle lenses and a keen eye, she captures the full scene and emotion of the moment. Her first book of photographs – Collage de Rachel Wrong – was released this summer and reached #2 for new releases in Photo Essays on Amazon.

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