A Life Overseas in Public Service: The Intelligence Officer’s Journey

Careers on the frontlines of intelligence collection take officers around the world.  From recruitment, through training, deployment and promotion, this talk offers listeners a guided tour of what this unique career has to offer.  In addition to the sacrifices that come with a life on the move and in anonymity, we’ll look closer at the gifts of perspective and connection.

Rosanna Minchew is a 15-year veteran of the CIA with operational and leadership experience in Latin America, Europe, South Asia, Iraq and Washington D.C..  Since leaving government service, Rosanna has supported scenario-based training for intelligence officers, interdiction of contraband by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Insider investigations in the Oil and Gas Industry.  In 2021 Rosanna founded Spyher LLC, offering spy-themed tours and events delivered by former intelligence officers. 

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