Preventing Pandemics!

Join Dr. Suzan Murray, Chief Wildlife Veterinarian and Project Director of Smithsonian’s Global Health Program, as she discusses what we’ve learned about how to best prepare and prevent pandemics utilizing a multidisciplinary approach.

Dr. Murray is responsible for the Smithsonian’s international human and wildlife health research and training. Through this program, she oversees clinical care of wildlife, research in emerging infectious disease, and training for the next generation of health practitioners. She has extensive experience working internationally – particularly in Africa – evaluating health and disease in a full range of species. She serves on several federal panels including the Health Security Threats subcommittee and the Foreign Animal Disease Threat subcommittee which helps protect US agriculture from animal diseases. Dr. Murray also serves as the Smithsonian Institution’s Principal Investigator on USAID’s One Health Workforce- Next Generation – UCDavis grant which combines wildlife surveillance and international training in the quest to predict and prevent the next major emerging pandemic threat to humans.


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